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Spending money is easy - the trick is to invest funds wisely.

Spending money is easy - the trick is to invest funds wisely.
The innovative abrasive blasting technology we produce saves our customers time and money. WISTA’s expertise is based on over 20 years of experience in the business

More than just a method for cleaning surfaces, blasting is a crucial technological process for producing goods to a high standard of finish. The quality of work and the procedure to achieve it rises in line with the level of technology utilized. Both of these factors bring about considerable savings – financial and in human capital. 

Over the long term, our SOLITON® blasting technology cuts operating costs by up to 50%. Contact us for further details.

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Blast Rooms


Blast Rooms

The latest generation of blasting technology with full-surface abrasive collection is simple to install, economical to operate and has a long service life. SOLITON blasting rooms benefit from smaller dimensions in technological components, greater economy and higher performance. The patented design makes it is possible to reduce energy costs by half, while intelligent steering is able to vary the operation of the conveyors in the amount of abrasive transported.

The jet chamber is of a welded, modular construction. Cladding in the form of a multi-layered panel speeds up assembly time, also reducing the transmission of noise and heat. The chambers are supplied complete, including abrasion-resistant walling, lighting and security features. Filtering is newly ensured by placing a dust filter directly in the box walls without the need for air ducts and with minimal pressure loss, thereby cutting energy consumption, limiting the size of the installation and providing for easier maintenance and service. Nano-fiber filter cartridges improve filtration and have a demonstrably longer guaranteed lifetime.

The floor-level conveyor with rubber rails boasts a high service life and is low in noise. The adaptive power units change their output according to the current load, and wear is significantly reduced by them being stored outside the abrasive environment. Transverse V-beams increase the load-bearing capacity of the floor while maintaining the height of the grates. New travel rollers with a one-sided pin and double bearing protection provide higher abrasion resistance and a longer lifetime. Moreover, the height of the entire unit can be reduced through a transport mechanism that is twice as efficient, featuring a vertical, dual conveyor system. The twin conveyor belt connects to the floor-level conveyor, thus eliminating the need to build tanks and hoppers.

The parallel shredder and silo ensure that the abrasive is precise sorted into four fractions. The blasting device delivers unparalleled, controlled performance by eliminating pressure drops. Dual chamber units allow uninterrupted blasting and the connection of two operators. Clear control and operation is facilitated a PLC with a touchscreen, which also gives precise data on the workings of the entire unit

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WISTA has been a leading supplier of comprehensive solutions for surface finishing since 1994. Our unique SOLITON® technology, specially developed to streamline the operation of abrasive blast rooms, brings the twin benefits of superior performance and reduced operating costs. Effectiveness and efficiency are the main criteria we apply in development, construction, manufacture and after-sales service. 

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