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Spending money is easy - the trick is to invest funds wisely.

Spending money is easy - the trick is to invest funds wisely.
The innovative abrasive blasting technology we produce saves our customers time and money. WISTA’s expertise is based on over 20 years of experience in the business

More than just a method for cleaning surfaces, blasting is a crucial technological process for producing goods to a high standard of finish. The quality of work and the procedure to achieve it rises in line with the level of technology utilized. Both of these factors bring about considerable savings – financial and in human capital. 

Over the long term, our SOLITON® blasting technology cuts operating costs by up to 50%. Contact us for further details.

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Every decision you make affects the future of your business. To be successful, you must be ready to make the right choice at the right time. It is necessary to be properly informed to do this effectively. We at WISTA can provide the information you need by conducting a technological audit which includes the following:

  • Monitoring the current state of machinery
  • Discerning causes of lapses in quality or inefficient production
  • Sorting out issues according to their priority
  • Targeting weak spots leading to the biggest complications or increased operating overheads; solving these will have the most significant financial or qualitative effects
  • Analyzing the skills of staff – blaster operators and maintenance engineers; carrying out further analyses of technological processes and the technical condition of equipment

The outcome of the technological audit will be a report listing any issues and proposing possible solutions. The results of the audit are used to formulate a response that will improve processes, so the customer is then able to consider future investment in updating or renovating machinery. Under such circumstances it is possible to compare the existing solution with the one proposed, wherein advanced technologies and equipment are integrated. The aim is to heighten capacity and raise the quality of products, while also being friendlier to the environment by cutting energy consumption, thereby reducing expenditure. The technological audit is carried out by our highly-skilled personnel. Improve your company’s performance and see how much can be saved.

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WISTA has been a leading supplier of comprehensive solutions for surface finishing since 1994. Our unique SOLITON® technology, specially developed to streamline the operation of abrasive blast rooms, brings the twin benefits of superior performance and reduced operating costs. Effectiveness and efficiency are the main criteria we apply in development, construction, manufacture and after-sales service. 

Our courses will instruct you on how to make the most of the abrasive blasting technology you possess.
Abrasive blasting operator training

Get practical information on setting up production operations to maximize performance and minimize costs.

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Maintenance technician training courses

Receive instruction on maintaining abrasive blasting technology more efficiently and avoiding breakdowns. Save big each year by following proper maintenance techniques.

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Do you want to know the difference between spending money and investing it?
Management training courses

Learn about the difference between spending and investing. Make informed decisions on the economics of blasting equipment, and invest properly in progressive technology with added value.

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