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It is not the art to spend, but to invest properly,

It is not the art to spend, but to invest properly.
Our innovative abrasive blasting technology saves our customers money and time. We have had more than 20 years of experience in abrasive blasting technology.

Blasting technology is not just a way of cleaning surfaces, it is the basic technological process how to obtain the top level of final products. The quality of work and the quality of the production improves with the quality of technology. These factors together mean considerable savings in both financial and human capital.

SOLITON commonly saves 50% of operating costs. Please contact us for detailed information.

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WISTA has been a leading supplier of comprehensive technological solutions in the field of surface finishing since 1994. he unique SOLITON® technology, specially developed for the efficient operation of the abrasive blast chambers, is mainly aimed at higher performance and reduced operating costs. Effectiveness and efficiency are the company's main criteria from the development, through construction and production to after-sales service.

Do you want to use your abrasive blasting technology better and more efficiently?
Abrasive blasting operator training

Get practical instructions on how to set up your production operations to maximize performance and minimize costs.

How to improve blasting?

Do you want to maintain your abrasive blasting technology more efficiently?
Maintenance personnel training

Learn how to prevent failures! Save hundreds of thousands a year by proper maintenance!

How to improve effectivity?

Do you want to know the difference between spending money and investing it?
Management training

Allow your business responsibly deciding on the economics of blasting technology and investing properly in progressive technology with high added value.

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